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Re: Why is VOIP Getting Hot Now?

Tony P. (
Thu, 29 Sep 2005 17:37:26 -0400

In article <>,

>> In my case it was $88 a month to Verizon vs. $27 a month to
>> Vonage. Big difference. It's the only thing that hasn't inflated in
>> the last year or two.

> Of course, Vonage does not have to pay for the local loop, so there's
> some savings there. How much are you paying for "last mile"
> connectivity (cable modem or DSL or whatever)? I'm currently paying
> Verizon about $25 per month for local dialtone. I'm paying about $3
> per month in long distance to another company (about 5 cents per
> minute, probably much of that is compensation to the terminating
> carrier). I'm paying $70 per month to for DSL (6Mbps per
> second AND they let me run my own servers). I pay $0 per month to
> . I also pay about 1 or 2 cents a minute to
> them for calls into the PSTN. SIP calls (within siphone, to FWD,
> Google, etc.) are free. I use to get a POTS
> number on SIP for free (though the number is in Washington).

> There certainly are LOTS of options.

> Harold

I justify it by the fact that I've had the net connection and paid the
$35 a month for it for several years.

So not only do I get to use the phone but I get to play on the net.
Could it get any better?

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