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Re: Bell System Phone Label Code?
27 Sep 2005 09:36:30 -0700

Allen Newman wrote:

> On the number cards/labels affixed to latter-decades' Bell System
> phones, there was a letter M stamped like this:

Could it have meant "modular" since that number card was intended for
modular phones installed by the customer? They used to give them out
at Phone Center stores.

I didn't care for them since it was a sticker, not a card. Admittedly,
for most people that what was best. However, since I knew how to open
a dial, I wanted a card to mount behind it and didn't want some sticker
fouling my dial. Also, they used a stamper that was in relatively
small type size compared to the bigger size used by traditional
installers. Of course all they had was all-number, no letters. In our
area, we were still using letters in a limited manner. To this day,
the official internal identifier for telephone districts in our area
was the old exchange name from way back.

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