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Re: SBC Cutting Work Force; Blames Competition

handle with care (
22 Sep 2005 09:57:39 -0700

How do we get more people that work for SBC in the midwest and
Wisconsin to post?

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Begin by making sure they are aware
that this list exists, and encourage them to use it. I personally
have no love lost for SBC, but I certainly do not discriminate against
any SBC (or other telco) employee who wishes to post here. One
difficulty these days is there are _so many_ various lists and
discussion groups on telphony subjects around the net; no one could
begin (or would wish to) post in every single one of them. This is
not like fifteen or twenty years ago on the net, where there was but
a single discussion forum for telecom topics (comp.dcom.telecom) and
everyone used it. By all means, let them know I am still around
also, but do not spam to do it. PAT]

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