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Re: Last Laugh! How Many Members of Bush Administration

Thomas A. Horsley (
Sun, 18 Sep 2005 01:53:57 GMT

> ... That is the reason I always vote Libertarian ...

And speaking of last laughs and libertarians: where are all the
Libertarians that should be showing us how the free market system
could have prevented the catastrophe caused by Katrina and how the
free market would provide better recovery for all the people affected
by the storm?

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[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Well, there are various kinds of
libertarians. Some leaning more to the right, and some leaning more to
the left. There are (uppercase L) Libertarians (the political party)
and there are (lowercase l) libertarians who are people generally
sympathetic to the Libertarian Party beliefs, but have little or
nothing to do with the actions of the party as such. I personally fall
in this second group. I believe on the one hand there is far too much
government; people need more freedom and more choices; more extreme
libertarians and Libertarians would say things like the Fire
Department and (some, even) the Police Department should be
privatized. They would claim (among other things dealing with
economics) that if your house burns down, that is _your_ problem. I
have heard some of the more extremist views presented on things like
Katrina, and if those people (Katrina victims) were in a position to
implement some of the extreme Libertarian ideas, then I would say good
for them, but that is totally unrealistic, IMO. Once again, IMO,
generally the more wealthy Libertarians tend to believe in some of the
more unrealistic goals for our society, while the dirt poor ones like
myself tend to be perhaps more extremist on things like freedom of
speech, and realize what a crock it is to try and privatize the public
highways and the fire department.

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