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TELECOM Digest Editor (
Sun, 18 Sep 2005 02:09:42 EDT

All my equipment here is rapidly disintegrating ... both working laptps are
now gone. I cannot get either of them up and running. The hard drive
totally went out on one, and the other one as of Saturday night started
giving this message:

Native Audio Initialization Error
The Wave Task Manager (nspmm.dll) is not available.
Wave Services Will be Disabled.

Then a click box with the single option OK.

I click 'OK' then a second error message comes up immediatly following

EXPLORER: This program has performed an illegal
operation and will be shut down. If the problem
persists, contact the program vendor.

There is a choice of OK or 'Details' and 'details' gives me a hex dump.
'OK' on the other hand is accepted but the desktop never comes up, and none
of the keyboard works any further at that point ... ever ...

This is a very old IBM Think Pad model 770-ED, probably from 1994-95.

I have tried to re-install Win 98 SE but have been unable to figure
out how to get the BIOS to look at and accept the CD drive rather than
the hard drive. I do start up with F1 and get the BIOS screen, and
attempt to put the CD as the first choice, but it does not accept
that; and continues to attempt to load from the hard drive.

I was able to google 'nspmm.dll' and have found out _how_ to get rid
of the Intel thing which came built in this old Think Pad, but since
no Win 98 desktop ever comes up, I cannot get to the Device Manager to
get rid of the Intel thing.

Any help or advise gratefully accepted, and if _anyone_ has a slightly
older, used laptop they would be willing to donate to the Digest (or
sell me at a reasonable price, please let me know.


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