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Re: Arizona Budget POTS Plans
12 Sep 2005 13:21:28 -0700

Mike Sutter wrote:

> And so, finally on to the question, does anyone know if Qwest offers a
> real low cost (perhaps metered) service for POTS in the 480 area?

Unfortunately today there aren't many cheap basic phone services. The
cost-saving between measured use and flat rate is about $2-$3; this is
the same actual dollar amount it was 30 years ago. But 35 years it
was significant money -- between paying $4.65/month nad $6.65 a month.

More significantly are all the extra fees every subscriber must pay
regardless of their service option. There's the "FCC line charge",
perhaps a 911 fee, deaf service fee, universal service fee, line
portability fee, portabello mushroom fee, etc. (Ok, you get my point).

Seriously, I had the barebest bones phone service you could
get--measured rate party line, and they STILL had to put 2 ounces
postage on the bill they sent me periodically with all the mandated
junk printed on it.

As mentioned, some areas have discounted service, but I believe there
are income eligibility requirements to receive this.

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