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Re: Verizon Complaints About EVDO; Angry About Junxion Box

John L. Shelton (
Mon, 12 Sep 2005 06:40:53 -0700

> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: I am not that familiar at all with
> 'Evdo'; are any Digest readers (possibly also Verizon customers)
> able to explain it and talk about it here? PAT]

EVDO is just another cellular data technology. The technology is
irrelevant to the argument.

The moral issue is: whether an "unlimited" service sold to an
individual can be shared with others. Past history suggests "no." We
don't share our unlimited local phone lines with the neighborhood, nor
our cable TV. We don't rent one trash pickup in the nbhd and tell
everyone to bring their trash on over to one house for pickup. We
don't jam everyone possible into a car at the drive-in theatre in an
effort to avoid paying for extra cars. In places with unmetered water
(like NYC), we don't extend hoses to our neighbors so they don't have
to pay for a basic water hookup.

It is common that unmeasured services are for the benefit of the
subscriber alone. It's more than common and moral; these concepts have
been tested in court, though perhaps not with EVDO.

Let's hope, for the benefit of most subscribers, that the networks
prevail in this issue. Far better to have millions of people paying a
reasonable fee for service than just a handful of "suckers" paying
vastly higher rates so the rest of the community gets service for


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