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Re: Interesting Cellphone and Mastercard Tidbit

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Mon, 12 Sep 2005 09:10:57 -0400 (Thomas A. Horsley) wrote on Date: Sun,
11 Sep 2005 02:18:04 GMT:

> I just tried to activate my updated credit card with the new
> expiration date for the first time since abandoning my land line and
> going strictly cellphone.

> I updated my Mastercard records with my new "home" phone back when I
> got rid of the land line, but apparently the system they have for
> activating credit cards can't deal with cell phone numbers (the human
> I eventually got to talk to told me they are woking on it).

> I know my phone generates valid caller ID, since I've seen it show up
> on the phones of people I called. I also know FPL's power outage
> automated system can recognize me when I call and correlate my
> cellphone to my home address to tell me about the state of any power
> outage, so I gotta wonder what the difficulty is at Mastercard. --

Classic misunderstanding/misconfiguration between ANI and CPN.
Toll-free numbers get 'ANI' from the carrier, which is a billing
number, not necessarily a calling party number. Many carriers have
been substituting CPN in place of ANI when they deliver ANI streams
for 8xx calls, but it varies. There is also a dependency on how the
cell provider is configured -- in this day and age it would be possible
for them to send the cellular number as both ANI and CPN, if they are
so configured and their interconnect agreements with other carriers


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