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Review: 'Prison Break' TV Show
12 Sep 2005 10:20:39 -0700

A telecom inaccuracy in this show:

1) He uses a payphone in the prison yard and you hear the coin drop at
the end of the call.

2) He uses a quarter from his pocket to unscrew something.

Prison inmates are never allowed to have any money; money in prison
leads to problems. He would not have a quarter to begin with and the
payphone wouldn't take coins.

Secondly, the inmate's phone would be in a secured area since only
authorized inmates could make calls on it.

Third, screws, nuts, and bolts in prisons are all specialized hardware
to prevent exactly what he was trying to do. You need special tools
with odd shapes to do anything. Furniture is often plastic one piece
to prevent what he was trying to do as well as for safety (throwing it
on top of someone). He would not have been able to remove the bolt
from the bench, nor use the bolt to remove the toilet wall.

Cell searches are far more through that what was shown--they go
through anything and everything to check for contraband drugs, hooch,
and shivs and shanks. Shivs and shanks are a major problem.

The Discovery Channel and MSNBC has some good documentaries on prison
life, the inmates, and the corrections officers.

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