TELECOM Digest OnLine - Sorted: German Thief Nabbed After Online Sale to Victim

German Thief Nabbed After Online Sale to Victim

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Thu, 8 Sep 2005 12:24:49 -0500

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Today, I decided to save the best for
first ... PAT]

A German thief stole a man's in-car navigation system and unwittingly
auctioned it online back to his victim, who had police arrest him,
authorities said on Wednesday.

Police in Berlin said the 26-year-old victim spotted the device on an
Internet auction site and quickly re-acquired what he had reported
stolen from his car some two weeks previously.

He informed police, who went to the thief's house posing as the buyers
and then arrested the 21-year-old.

"I think the thief got a bit of a surprise," said a Berlin police
spokesman, adding the man confessed to the theft.

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[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Although this would have worked as a
'last laugh' feature, I was inspired by the clumsy stupidity of the
thief and decided to present it early on in this issue.

I am very much reminded of the incident three weeks ago where the
'nice young man' showed up here at my house on one of the hotter, more
humid days of this summer asking for a drink of water and a chance to
use my bathroom, which I allowed. Afterward, as Timothy Garotte was
acting so grateful and lovey-dovey about the water and the bathroom,
he walked off with a box of unused checks of mine, which were for use
on our local bank. I did not even find out about it until the next
day, when a woman who is my part time housekeeper called from her
other (full time) job on the other side of town to ask me if I had
given an okay for this fellow to come in with my checks to purchase
cigarettes and get cash back. Not just once, but _three times_ that
day and again the next morning. If Timothy had not been so damn dumb
and instead had gone out to Walmart, he could have pulled it off,
mainly since Walmart is friends of no one here in town, nor would
they have bothered to inquire, as the cashier at Mikey's Conoco
station thought to do. Fortunatly for me, police had the guy the
same day, a few minutes after he was on his _fourth trip_ to the
station for cigarettes and cash back. According to police officer
John Edwards, my instance was 'almost a record' in the time from
offense to capture, much like the German lad who ripped off the
man's automobile GSM unit, then turned around and sold it back to
him via E-Bay a few days later. It makes me glad to be part of a
small town where the merchants know all the citizens and care about
them. PAT]

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