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Bob Denver as Maynard
6 Sep 2005 13:47:25 -0700

I was sorry to read that actor Bob Denver passed away. It surprised me
because from TV I think of him as a kid, not an older fellow.

His most famous role that everyone talks about was as Gilligan, in
Gilligan's Island. But I remember him more from his prior role as a
beatnik, Maynard G Krebs, in "Dobie Gillis".

Dobie Gillis was an early 1960s show about an average teenage boy
trying to get along with his friends, parents, school, girls, etc. I
enjoyed it when I was very young. It was on reruns, but I haven't
seen it in a while. I do remember it as being a cut above the silly
humor of most TV shows -- a little more thoughtful, a little more
intellectual, jokes that were a little less obvious. I remember the
parents as being definitely NOT the typical Cleaver/Nelson TV parents
of that era -- the father, trying to run his grocery store, was always
hollering at Dobie for something or another. I liked shows that had
that as they seemed to be more realistic. (Ward Cleaver, for all his
mildness, made me terrible nervous, and he was someone I wouldn't want
to visit.)

Mr. Denver, as Maynard, was kind of a comedy relief, and wasn't too
central to the plots. But it was nice seeing an anti-establishment
figure, esp way back then -- he'd wear torn sweatshirts and had a scruffy
little beard -- and issue poetic philosophical observations that may or
may not made sense.

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