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Re: New Orleans Phones Are All Out, Also

Paul Coxwell (
Thu, 01 Sep 2005 22:19:50 +0100

> I know Mark quite well and I'm conerned about his well being as well.

> I have not heard from him since Sunday afternoon. He told me he was
> staying put at his apartment in the eastern section of New Orleans.
> His mother and sister left for Houston about a day before Katrina hit.

> I keep trying his home phone and cell phone, but obviously neither are
> working. Hopefully he is alright. If I hear anything, I'll post it
> here as well as other places where he has been known to hang out. If
> anyone gets a hold of him before I do, please do the same!

> In addition to his well being, I'm also worried if his apartment got
> flooded and that he lost a lot of telco related books and manuals that
> he has collected over the years.

> Lets keep everyone involved in our thoughts and prayers!!

> Dave Perrussel
> Webmaster - Telephone World

Hear hear! Over here in Britain we're known to grumble about our
rather non-descript and notoriously fickle climate, but we rarely
experience extremes and they are never anywhere near as severe as
those which hit the United States.

It's sobering to see the horrendous pictures from the South and to
realize that climate-wise, we actually have mnch to be thankful for.

May God bless and protect everyone involved.


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