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Re: RIP, Sussex Cellular

Daniel AJ Sokolov (sokolov@gmx.netnetnet.invalid)
Mon, 29 Aug 2005 01:47:55 +0200

Am 28.08.2005 11:34 schrieb Stanley Cline:

> One of the most backward, most reviled, most laughed-at cell phone
> companies in the US -- and one mentioned many times here in the Digest
> over the years -- closed its doors earlier this month. Sussex
> Cellular (which operated as SciTel Wireless in its last days), the
> carrier serving Sussex County, NJ that was infamous for its arrogance,
> roaming agreement "hardball", and poor service and being one of the
> last analog-only carriers in the continental US, requested that the
> FCC cancel its license as of August 4.

> Since that time their web site has disappeared from the net and the
> trunks between their MTSO and the rest of the world have been either
> busied out or disconnected. Based on some digging in the FCC ULS
> databases, it appears that Sussex is the ONLY cellular (as opposed to
> PCS or ESMR) licensee to ever have built out a network and simply shut
> down without selling its licenses, network, and customers to another
> carrier; given their historical arrogance, that doesn't surprise me
> one bit.

> It doesn't look like anyone has stepped up to take over the vacated
> license yet, but my guess is that Cingular will do so in order to
> improve service in Sussex County, where Cingular currently has only
> 1900 MHz (PCS) coverage and where 850 MHz coverage would be helpful
> because of the terrain. Other carriers who might be interested in the
> area include Dobson Communications, who serves areas of New York just
> to the north of Sussex County, and Commnet Wireless, the roamer-only
> carrier that serves scattered tertiary and rural markets stretching
> from California (Lake Isabella/Kernville and Boron) all the way to
> Tennessee (Mountain City).


Is there somewhere a list of network operators, that do romaing only?
Like Comnet Wireless and the GSM-part of Western Wireless/Alltel?

Daniel AJ

My e-mail-address is sokolov [at] gmx dot net

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