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Re: Long Distance Carrier Verification
Fri, 26 Aug 2005 05:09:15 +0000

(In reply to old thread: Michael Muderick: "Long Distance Carrier

Michael Muderick <> wrote:

> Has anyone tried 700-555-4141 lately to verify long distance carrier?

Steve Sobol <> wrote:

> Apple Valley, CA, March 12th: 700-555-4141 works just fine with VZ as
> the ILEC and Sprint as the IXC. Has worked everywhere else I've tried
> it, too. I've never seen -1212 advertised as the IXC number.

Seems to depend on the l.d. carrier. I dialed 700-555-4141 and
received a, "Your call cannot be completed as dialed ..." message. I
tried 700-555-1212, not expecting it to work, and got, "Thank you for
using Covista."

One would think there would be a standard. Oh, well.

-Jeremy Strauss

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: On my local (620-331) line from
Prairie Stream Communications, dialing it without a '1' first got
me a request to 'dial 1 first, then the area code and number." Doing
it with '1' first got me a message saying 'Thank you for choosing
Quest Communications ... then a pause ... and "your call cannot be
completed as dialed, one-six-one". PAT]

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