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Re: An Exciting Weekend With a Sneak Thief

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Tue, 23 Aug 2005 17:39:19 -0600

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> DevilsPGD wrote:

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>>> The problem with checks is that all I need is your routing and account
>>> number, and guess what? Those are printed on every one of your checks
>>> in plain human readable numerals. I can print up new checks on my
>>> computer with any ID on them I want, and your account number. I can
>>> start passing them around town same as your sneak thief. And guess
>>> what? I can easily get a fake ID to match the ID of the person I put
>>> on the check. Checks are terribly insecure.

>> You also need a signature, at least if you want the money to come from
>> my account.

>> Now you obviously don't care if a merchant gets screwed since you've
>> long since run off with the goods, but for the consumer, it's not as
>> bad as the above makes it sound.

> Most banks don't even look at the signature, that is unless the check
> it presented in person at the issuers bank.

Correct. But a quick phone call to your bank (or potentially some
signed paperwork) will get the cheque reversed.

I've written cheques with no date, with a date over a year earlier
(and not around Jan/Feb), without a signature, with mis-matched
written and numeric dollar amounts, and that had the word VOID in the
signature line, all cleared without difficulty.

However, should I have disputed any of the above, a simple email or
phone call, I'd get the money back immediately.

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