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Re: Two VOIP Boxes on the Same Port

Fred Atkinson (
Sun, 21 Aug 2005 17:16:33 -0400

> Details of 'fixing' the situation depend on the gory details of your
> set-up. Do you have multiple IP addresses available to you? Or only
> a single address? Are you using DHCP? Are you using NAT/PAT?
> Depending on those answers, you _may_ be able to do the necessary
> things entirely in the Cisco 831. Or, you may have to access the
> configuration stuff for the VoIP devices.

No, I only get a single IP address on my Mediacom cablemodem.

Yes and no. I have a virtual DHCP server in my Cisco 831. But all of
the permanent devices on my home network have private/static IP
addresses assigned to and programmed into them.

Yes, I am using NAT/PAT.

Can you suggest a solution?



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