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Re: An Exciting Weekend With a Sneak Thief

Dan Lanciani (
Fri, 19 Aug 2005 04:29:36 -0400 (EDT) (John McHarry) wrote:

> I had a rather large ACH
> transfer executed in the wrong direction a while back. The company
> that screwed it up managed to straighten it out, but the bank that was
> supposed to receive funds, and instead disbursed them, didn't do
> squat.

What was the bank's response when you asked them to reverse the
unauthorized disbursal?

> Apparently there is no security in that system beyond trusting
> those who are admitted, which is pretty much all the big corporations.

Proponents of the system claim that no further security is required
because the paying bank is obligated to unwind the transaction upon
the account owner's statement that the payment was unauthorized. On
the other hand, some people report significant problems getting their
money back after unauthorized ACH debits. They can't both be right;
hence my question. (I realize that unwinding the transaction would
have solved only half of your particular problem, of course.)

Dan Lanciani

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