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Re: Hiroshima Marks 60th Anniversary of Atomic Bomb Attack

Gary Novosielski (
Fri, 19 Aug 2005 03:04:54 GMT wrote:

> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: A group of World War Two veterans in
> a counter-demonstration over the weekend at Arlington Cemetery carried
> banners which stated 'had there been no Pearl Harbor there would
> have been no Hiroshima.' PAT]

Nice turn of a phrase, but it certainly does not follow. It presumes
that, but for Pearl Harbor, the U.S. would /never/ have entered the war.
I suppose that's possible, but it's equally possible that some other
provocation would have been found, even if it had to be manufactured.

Recall that the Tonkin Gulf incident which got us into Vietnam was
manufactured, the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait prior to Gulf War I was all
but instigated by the State department, and the WMD stockpiles that
justified Gulf War II were simply invented out of thin air.

With these and other (remember the Maine?) pretextual war triggers
confirmed, is it any wonder that Pearl Harbor itself is now the subject
of several conspiracy theories? The most popular, which is considered
"common knowledge" throughout the U.S. Army Signal Corps, is that
warnings of the approaching attack force were provided long in advance,
but that the "top brass" decided not to repel the attack, but rather
just to "ride it out", knowing that a "sneak" attack would surely lead
to a war declaration, whereas a successfully repelled one might not.

I'd hate to believe that, but at this point I don't know if it's crazier
to believe it or to dismiss it.


"I try to be cynical, but I can't keep up." --Lilly Tomlin

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