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Re: Not so Fast! 'xxx' Startup Put on Hold

Steve Sobol (
Thu, 18 Aug 2005 20:34:29 -0700

Mark Crispin wrote:

> On Wed, 17 Aug 2005, the News Wire reported:

>> That didn't sit well with conservative activists who worry that a .xxx
>> domain will further legitimize the porn industry and won't make it
>> easier to avoid sexual content online.

> Leaving aside their motivations, they are correct in their overall
> assessment of the undesirability of a .xxx TLD.

... because?

TELECOM Digest Editor noted in reponse to Mark Crispin:

> One thing that 'xxx' _would_ do is provide a good screening and
> filtering mechanism for 'adult' purveyors who did _not_ want to be
> bothered by kids coming around, etc (when combined with their other
> validation techniques such as credit card proof of age, etc.). People
> who were so inclined could filter out 'xxx' in the same way they can
> filter out other spam and trash. What's your objection to that? PAT]


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[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Just as it is quite common on the net
to see misleading email with subject lines such as "You have money
coming" and it turns out to be a Nigerian Spam or a phisher notice to
restore your PayPal account (I get forty or fifty of those most days)
or very likely a phisher solicitation to apply for a mortgage loan
(and thus 'get the money you have coming'), it is not uncommon these
days to get email with the title 'Religious Education' which links to
a picture of an alleged 'Catholic priest' molesting a boy or something
equally misleading, always of course with a price tag involved to view
the 'lessons' in more detail as long as you have a valid credit card
or a telephone number to which third-party billing can be
applied. Even more so than the typical phisher scam, the kiddie porn
peddlers on the net (of which there are plenty) need that sort of
deceptive approach in order to get their mail read. If you ask me,
not only should there be an .xxx domain, but a .scam and .spam domain
as well to make it easier to avoid all that stuff if you consider it
the same bore that I do. Obviously many of the Usenetters and their
buddies at ICANN would not agree with my assessment, but who cares?
They seldom agree with Real World on anything. PAT]

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