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Re: Stock Market Ticker Tape Machines?

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Mon, 15 Aug 2005 03:37:39 GMT

Robert Bonomi wrote:

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>> I was wondering what kind of machine, if any, replaced the classic
>> glass-dome model and continued to produce a tape showing trades.

> The volume of data, and the required speed of transmission to stay
> more-or-less current with the actual market conditions outstripped the
> capability of 'tape' printers.

> Just as _telegram_ printing shifted to roll-feed wide paper, from the
> tape, what remained for dedicated mechanical printers did similarly.

> In the 60s, early-70s ...

> Bunker-Ramo came out with electronic quote display terminals, and
> practically owned the _broker_ market for a number of years.

> Telerate also came out with a CRT display supporting many, _many_
> 'pages' of display data -- everything from news stories to lists of
> latest market prices -- either as groups displayed simultaneously on a
> single 'page', or single issues as a streaming 'ticker' across the
> bottom of the screen.

other desktop quote machine providers of the time were Ultronic, and
Quotron. see for
some pictures.


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