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Bluesecurity and BlueFrog

Chuck Wassall (
Tue, 09 Aug 2005 23:04:38 -0700

After ten years with the same email address I was getting over a
hundred spams a day. Now I get *none*. This program really works and
does what congress failed to do. It's free for now and I have no
ethics problems in flooding ISP's that harbor spammers.

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: I generally have no objections or
ethics problems with that same concept. I do think one needs to make
abosolutely certain (or as reasonably certain as one can be) that
your aim is at the _actual offender_ and that you do very little or
no 'collateral damage' to other 'valid' users at the ISP. I object to
your use of the phrase 'flooding ISP's that harbor spammers' however.
You or your agent (in this instance, Blue Frog/Blue Security) are
entitled to complain or respond _ONE TIME_ to each proven, valid,
actual offender, not 'flood' the ISP. That is what I understand that
Blue is doing. A hundred spams per day is nothing, believe me, really
nothing. How about 500 to a thousand spams per day plus viruses which
is what my score is up to? I do not have the time nor patience to
investigate _actual offenders_ so I employ Blue to do that work for
me. Believe me, should I get proof that Blue is not doing _exactly as
they claim_ locating offender by offender and sending them exactly one
each complaint per offended netter then I will quickly pull out of
their program. Of course one complaint per offended party to each
actual offender still causes lot of commotions does it not? PAT]

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