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Inter-Tel Phones through Cable/DSL?

Beholder (
5 Aug 2005 07:28:15 -0700

Hi everyone, I am new to our office (been here about 3 months) and
have been quickly learning all about the Company's Inter-Tel phone
system that they installed in Nov 04'.

Our company has a converged system so our main office (which houses
the system) uses RJ11 wire to the 50+ phones that are in this
office. We also have 3 branch offices that use the IP version of the
same phone we have in our main office (Model 8520). We have a MPLS VPN
that connects our Headquarters to each remote office, so each branch
office has a T1 line running between them and our HQ.

As the system is set up now we can 3-digit dial any extension
regardless of where it is in the network. I am trying to persue the
possibility of using a normal cable or DSL connection to have our
phones connect to our system. I could have a phone at my house with my
cable connection, and have my work extention ring at my house. ALso if
salespeople traveled they could plug into a hotel's internet
connection and have access to voicemail and their extention.

Is this possible?

We are also looking at the possibility of having cable connections
supplied to each branch office which would be a better value as the
cable connections provide about 4x as much speed for 1/4 the price of
teh VPN lines.

If anyone has done this I would greatly appreciate some help.

Thanks, and I appoligize for the lenghtly post.

- Andrew

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