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Re: Credit Reports, was Re: AT&T Customers Taken Over By Alltel

Charles Cryderman (
Wed, 3 Aug 2005 14:11:18 -0400

As Steve and I continue our conversation:

I wrote:

> Yes Steve, it is my understanding that this is a Federal Law.

Then Steve came back with:

> Ahh, ok. The unconditional you-get-one-free-report-per-year law is new,
> though. The law that's been in effect for years is "you're entitled to a
> free report at any time if you've been denied credit or employment
> within the last thirty days, based on your credit report." I assume
> that's the law that you just referred to?

No Steve I am not talking about that one, though I do know about it.
Back in 1986 I was the Training Sergeant for a US Army Communications
unit on Okinawa, Japan. I would receive the Army Times and other
publications which I reviewed for training subjects for my unit. In
one issue of the Army Time there was a article about the credit
reporting company TRW. In it they talked about how many military
personnel would have credit issues due to deployment. It also stated
that all "Credit Reporting Companies" were required to provide, upon
written request, copies of your credit report (address was provided
for TRW). I then sat down and requested a copy to see if it
worked. About 6 weeks later I did receive a copy and saw that only the
credit I had requested was posted and that I was in good standing. I
wanted to have a training session on this but the guy I worked for
didn't like it. Wasn't military enough for him so I copied it and sent
it out to the read files for each department in my unit. Now I don't
remember if it was stated that this was a Federal or not but was
someone's law that I was able to use.

Chip Cryderman

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