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Lee Sweet (
Mon, 01 Aug 2005 09:53:11 -0400

In re Nextel coverage. We use it heavily for corporate use, but are
thinking of switching to Verizon, since on weekends, coverage to where
people are further out in the countryside (even here in the
Washington, DC area) is marginal for Nextel. People carry their
corporate cell phones, and it does get hard to contact them if they
are out in the wilderness!

But, for any location, see the coverage map for Nextel at their
website. I put in the zip code that Pat has for his mailing address
(perhaps not the right one?), and the Nextel site comes back with 'no
Nextel service'. The *map* for Independence, Kansas, shows absolutely
nothing around that area (Route 75, etc.).

Here's the KS coverage map:
Independence, MO, is fine, but that area of KS has no (Nextel)
coverage at all.

To check an area for Nextel coverage:

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[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Well, Independence _Missouri_ is no
where close to the same name in Kansas. The former is a Missouri
suburb of Kansas City, Missouri, the place where we in the
southeastern rural part of the state refer to as 'Cupcake Land'.
The Mission Hills, Overland Park and other (ooh, ick!) Johnson
County, Kansas suburbs of KCMO. Mission Hills/Overland Park is
the home base of millionaires like the executives of Sprint and
Boeing and other telcos. Mostly insane people, IMO. I get so sick
and tired, when I tell people I live in Kansas they reply "oh, Kansas
City". I have to say no, dammit, _Kansas_. PAT]

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