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Re: Last Laugh! Spammer, age 35, Meets "Moscow Rules"

Robert Bonomi (
Thu, 28 Jul 2005 11:30:51 -0000

In article <>, Paul Coxwell
<> wrote:

>>> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Does anyone remember the old parlor
>>> game we used to play as kids? I think the name of the game was
>>> 'Murder'

>> "Clue", perhaps? As in: 'The butler did it, with the ice-pick, in the
>> parlor.

> "Clue" was sold in Britain by Waddington's under the name "Cluedo." I
> used to have the game as a kid, and I think it's still available in
> the stores.

> The murdered owner was Dr. Black. The suspects were Colonel Mustard,
> Rev. Green, Professor Plum, Mrs. White, Miss Scarlett, and Mrs.
> Peacock. The potential murder weapons were a dagger, a candlestick, a
> rope, a revolver, a length of lead piping, and a spanner (wrench). I
> know there were nine locations, including -- at least in the British
> version -- a library, a study, a billiard room, and conservatory.

There was one memorable day, with that game, where the cards got
somewhat co-mingled. As a result, *all* of the 'valid' solutions got
eliminated. Whereupon, checking the 'solution' cards, one found that
"Col. Mustard did it, in the library, with Miss Scarlett". *grin*

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