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Re: Mossberg: Tracking Cookies are Spyware

jared (
Mon, 18 Jul 2005 19:20:56 -0600

I've set my browser to request confirmation of every (new)
cookie. I've taken to looking at the date the cookie expires. If it's
'this session' or within a day, and it's from the site* I'm trying to
use, then I accept, otherwise into the bit bucket.

And, I do see repeated requests and the comment helps explain
why. Seems stupid to me, but I'm just the consumer.

> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: The way some web sites are getting
> around that now is by issuing the cookie, as always, then going back
> one or two seconds later (while loading the page) _looking_ for the
> cookie ("Didn't I just give you a cookie? What does it say? What do
> you mean you don't have it any longer? That's it for you, goodbye.")

I can understand, but not agree with, cookies that expire within a year.
But expiry in several years or more, for example 2038 (aka infinity) is
likely just poor programming.

* or some similar name, again programmers or maybe marketeers have run
amuck with the beauty of replacing with to make
life easier for them.

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