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Online Data Gets Personal: Cell Phone Records for Sale

Monty Solomon (
Sun, 10 Jul 2005 01:05:49 -0400

By Jonathan Krim
Washington Post Staff Writer

They're not just after your credit card or Social Security numbers.

Fueled by the ease of online commerce, snoops are on the trail of
other personal information, too. One of the hottest markets: records
of phone calls, especially from cell phones.

A tool long used by law enforcement and private investigators to help
locate criminals or debt-skippers, phone records are a part of the sea
of personal data routinely bought and sold online in an
Internet-driven, I-can-find-out-anything-about-you world. Legal
experts say many of the methods for acquiring such information are
illegal, but they receive scant attention from authorities.

Think your mate is cheating? For $110, will provide you
with the outgoing calls from his or her cell phone for the last
billing cycle, up to 100 calls. All you need to supply is the name,
address and the number for the phone you want to trace. Order online,
and get results within hours.

Carlos F. Anderson, a licensed private investigator in Florida, offers
a similar service for $165, for all major telephone carriers.

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