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F-MMS Forum Defines New Directions And Broadens Its Scope

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Sat, 09 Jul 2005 07:34:30

Source: F-MMS Forum Secretariat

F-MMS Forum Defines New Directions And Broadens Its Scope Towards Triple
Play And IP Services

Berne, Switzerland - Jul 8, 2005 (PRN): Addressing the Triple Play
challenge, the F-MMS Forum adopted a new direction towards Multi-Media
Services in the IP-driven Fixed Line environment during its recent
General Assembly, held on the 29 June 2005 in Sophia Antipolis,
France. The newly adopted charter of the Forum focuses on one major
task, to translate growth opportunities that arise from the Triple
Play challenge into breakthrough revenue earning Fixed Line
Multi-Media Services and devices. The Forum wishes to provide
leadership in service evolution, as an unbiased source of information
and as a platform for expertise and exchange of ideas.

With shrinking revenues from traditional circuit-switched networks,
the Forum foresees that the Global industry is looking towards the
merits of IP-technology, pushing Interactive Multi-media Services
(IMS) as the hottest terminology. With IP-technology in Fixed Line
Access networks, opportunities arise for the development of innovative
seamless Triple Play services that converge voice, data and video over
fixed and mobile telephony access, broadband access, wireless (Wi-Fi)
access and cable systems.

"Not only the industry but actually the consumers desire interoperable
services and devices when they think of future communications at home
and on the move", says Thomas Carnaghi, the chairman of the F-MMS
Forum. "It is this desire that makes the development of new communica-
tions services and devices complex; any service should work on any
device and in any network. IMS is the right network platform for that.
On a product level, a common understanding of interworking standards
is essential and is a pre-requisite to create a user experience people
are willing to pay for."

Based on the success the Forum had in the development and promotion of
standardization of Multi-media Messaging Services and devices in the
circuit-switched networks, the Forum is in an excellent position to
steer its members through the challenge of the upcoming IP-access
environment, as well. Martin Rolls, who led the 'Broadening Project'
within the Forum and represents BT within the Steering Committee,
adds: "Triple Play is a key opportunity within the Global future
communications business but it will only create satisfying margins to
those players who come up with real, seamlessly interoperable,
converged services and devices that provide rewarding customer
experiences. The Forum addresses this new reality by broadening its
scope from messaging to multimedia services and from the focus on
circuit-switched to convergent IP and IMS domains."

Carnaghi concludes, "The world is complex, no doubt. No company alone
can deploy anymore an innovative home communications service or device
without securing interworking. As a Forum we want to bring all major
industry players around the globe to the table. We strongly believe
that we make a difference as we provide our members with guidance in
the development of innovative Fixed Line Multi-Media Services based on
sound consumer insights and by offering early access to standards
related data within a non-discriminating environment. We also provide
to our members with tremendous opportunities to discuss and set market
requirements that influence standards and, last but not least, we
create possibilities to conduct interoperability testing that ensure a
reduced time-to-market of profitable services and devices. It is the
overall vocation of the Forum, to enable its members to benefit from
the opportunities in the Triple Play challenge and to achieve
profitable growth with their services and devices. And we are open to
all players around the globe."

Visual Material
Illustrating the triple play pyramid:

About F-MMS Forum

The objective of the Fixed Line MMS Forum is to develop & promote
Multimedia Services (including voice, video & data) in the fixed
network in order to enhance attractiveness by adding new
services. This will lead to fixed - mobile convergent applications
while ensuring interoperability between fixed, mobile and wireless

Since its foundation in 2002, the Forum has achieved major
breakthroughs for its members as standards for Fixed Line SMS and
Fixed Line MMS over PSTN/ISDN were adopted by Standardisation Bodies,
inc ETSI, and commercial deployments of the services and devices in
Europe and Overseas began.

The Forum's agenda is now focused on the task to research, develop and
evaluate market and consumer requirements that serve as a robust basis
for services and devices definition and testing. The Forum will
co-ordinate and deliver technical recommendations to Standards Bodies,
drive standardization and interoperability and reduce time-to-market.

In so much, the Forum is set to promote the services and devices
applications and standards in important industry venues, conferences and
across appropriate media channels.

This non-profit industry-wide organisation is based in Berne, Switzerland.
Since its creation, companies from all over the world have joined the Forum
(see also ):

Binatone, BT, Deutsche Telekom, France Telecom, Panasonic, Philips,
Siemens, Telecom Italia. @utotools, Alcatel, Alterbox, AOL, Arkon,
AVM, Bitcom, Comverse, DeTeWe, Dial Face, DSP Group, Huawei, Inventel,
Jataayu Software, LogicaCMG, Materna, MR&D Institute, National
Semiconductors, Openwave, Purple Vision, RTX, Sagem, Speech Design,
Suncorp, Swissvoice, Teleca, Telefonica, Telkom Indonesia, Telkom
South Africa, Thales, Thomson Telecom, Unisys, UPC, Urmet Domus, Urmet
TLC, VTech, Winbond.

For more information, contact:

Heinz Ochsner
F-MMS Forum Secretariat and Press Office
P. O. Box 7465
3001 Berne
Tel: +41 (32) 6212692
Fax: +41 (32) 6212691


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