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John Stahl (
Fri, 08 Jul 2005 09:55:09 -0400

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There was a non-Bell #5ESS switch being sold to the non-Bell
Independent telcos back in the Bell System days (pre-divestiture).

I seem to remember that a company originally started by AT&T and GTE
back when Ma Bell was in control of "The Phone System" named AGCS was
"chartered" to manufacture and supply Bell System (designed) type
products to the Independent Telcos throughout the country. The reason
for this joint effort was that one of the FCC ruling regarding Western
Electric was that they could only supply product to the Bell

So there were many ILEC's (as they were called later) who had an AGCS
#5ESS (can't remember the exact series name) switch in their CO's
which was an exact design feature for feature to the WECo #5ESS

In these later years, Lucent took over AGCS from AT&T and finally
"absorbed" it into the Lucent family. If you go to the AGCS web site
( today, you will find the Lucent logo.

John Stahl
Telecom/Data Consultant
Aljon Enterprises

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