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Re: Bell Usage of IBM Computers For Switching
Wed, 6 Jul 2005 16:37:53 EDT

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> I do note that the Bell history said they intended for very long
> product lifespans, so anything they made had to be able to withstand
> many years of service. I believe they didn't change this philosophy
> until the 1970s when rapidly changing electronics kept making
> components obsolete quickly. On the other hand, it seemed IBM
> recognized this in the 1950s. IBM's tab line remained unchanged for a
> great many years but their computers changed about every five years.

As far as Bell station apparatus goes, remember that they were
provided at a rate which provided full on-site maintenance. After
divestiture, the Bell companies were forbidden to offer any type of
station equipment. (One of the results of this rule was problems with
sponsored Time of Day service, usual in places with flat rate service.
The actual time machines [Audiovon?] machines were often located in
the C.O. with full telco maintenance, and many of the sponsors had no
idea what to do with the machines when they had to be removed and
placed on the customer premises.)

Wes Leatherock

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