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John Hines (
Mon, 04 Jul 2005 15:24:13 -0500

Choreboy <> wrote:

> Is this a recent addition to the NEC? How is a citizen supposed to find
> out local code requirements? How is a citizen supposed to know his
> electrodes are not bonded or that it's necessary? If the telco assures
> a customer that there is nothing wrong with grounding which in fact is a
> code violation, does the telco have any liability?

Local codes are based on the NEC, for example town XYZ has adopted
(made into law) NEC code YYYY.

The NEC does get revised periodically, 2002 the most recent.

Grounding and bonding have been revised in the last few years. In
summary, the service entrance has to have a ground rod installed, and
this is bonded to the electrical system at one and only place at the
main box, this is the grounded conductor aka neutral.

Additional #6 bonding wires are required from the main panel over to
where the water service enters, if you have metal service.
Furthermore large metal objects, like a cast iron tub, need to be
bonded to everything else, if metal piping doesn't do it already.

The idea is to bond all the items together into a single unified
circuit, which is grounded by the rod into the ground.

The NEC does call for the ability to connect up the phone and other
systems to the grounding electrode system, with #10 cu wire.

The codes only apply to people when they build, rebuild or remodel, so
it is more up to pulling permits and getting inspections, that enforces
the codes.

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