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Question About Annoying Phone Calls - Please, any Info
Fri, 1 Jul 2005 15:25:07 EDT

Hi, lately for the last few days I've been getting calls from this
number: 215-320-0424 I looked up the number online and it brought me
to your web site where it said and it gave the number that had been
calling me -- (Academy Services Nuisance Calls 215-320-0424)-- I was
wondering if you can give me any info about this number or the person
calling me? Should I have my company block this number from calling me
or what? Please let me know anything. Thanks.


[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: We had someone else a few weeks ago
complain about that number. Your recourse might be to subscribe to
a telco service to block numbers from unwanted calls. (You may already
have it on your line). You dial *60 (or 60# in some places) then
follow the recorded prompts you are given. You'll be allowed to dial
in the number to be blocked, or dial #01 to block the last call
received, even if you do not know who it was. I have been getting
calls from 310-566-1083 which always blocks the name of the caller,
but dialing it reaches something called 'Girls Gone Wild'. I also
have *77 service, which blocks people who deliberatly do *67 to
hide themselves. When I just now tried your 215-320-0424 I got some
mysterious message that I had reached 'Academy Services' and to
enter the desired extension number, or 'hold for an operator'. I
decided to hold, it started ringing again and another recording came
on telling me I had reached 'extension 5067' and to leave my name
and _phone number_ so my call could be immediatly returned. It smelled
like some collection agency to me; I gave 'it' (the recorded message
when I was requested to speak) my usual salutation under those
circumstances (a loud, rather offensive belch) and disconnected. Of
course _I_ did *67 first before the dialing string. Since my latest
call from 310-566-1083 arrived at a most inopportune moment (I was
seated in my bathroom and came rushing to the phone only to hear
the silence) I've decided to add that number to my own repretoire
of unwanted callers. I hope this helps you a little. PAT]

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