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Re: Cellular Jamming? Think Again.

Michael D. Sullivan (userid@camsul.example.invalid)
Fri, 01 Jul 2005 04:27:27 GMT

W Howard wrote:

>> FCC Re-iterates Cell-Phone Jammers Are Illegal
> Of course they say that. And every once in a while they dust off
> their announcement that broadcasting more than 5 watts on a CB radio
> is illegal and subjects the operator to fines and seizure of their
> equipment too. But they don't actually do it. They're stretched thin
> already trying to figure out where telecommunications is going so they
> can stay a little ahead of it, and they just don't bother with
> "crimes" that do not involve substantial amounts of money.

The FCC has engaged in a number of enforcement actions against outfits
selling or using cellphone jammers. Google jammer site:

> IMHO, the preaching without the enforcement weakens repect for
> everything they do. If you don't have enough resources to enforce a
> law, better you don't have the law either. But nobody in Washington
> can imagine just removing a law, without replacing it with a more
> complicated one.

Who said anything about removing a law or replacing one?

Michael D. Sullivan
Bethesda, MD (USA)
(Replace "example.invalid" with "com" in my address.)

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