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Re: CVS Limits ExtraCare Info Access After Expose
29 Jun 2005 20:21:10 -0700

I have a CVS card. I purposely misspelled my name and gave as little
information as possible to protect my privacy. I've done likewise on
other store cards, though I avoid them if possible.

The discounts aren't as good as claimed. You do get a lot of coupons
when you make a purchase, but the terms of the coupons are so
restrictive -- products you don't want, minimum purchase, or too short a
time frame, that in most cases they have no value. I guess it saves me
about $10-$20 a year.

Does ANYONE out there care about privacy? Back when I started privacy
of client/customer accounts was paramount. Not because the law said
so (though it did), but because it was the right thing to do.

In a large computer center, one couldn't just go into data files
without authorization. Files that left the building were controlled.

Who the heck are the turkeys designing the open systems of today?

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