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Re: Using comcast to Host Web Site

William Warren (
Wed, 29 Jun 2005 11:15:09 -0400 wrote:

> I developed a web site and would like to host it with my own computer
> at home. I am thinking using Comcast Cable broadband as my ISP. Does
> Comcast allow web host? Anyone has experience? Anyone has any other ISP
> suggestions? I am in California.

> Thanks.

> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Did you ask Comcast about their rules
> on this? PAT]

Comcast has been blocking port 80 (HTTP) for a while now, and they've
recently started blocking port 25 (SMTP) as well. IMNSHO, it's only a
matter of time before they start blocking all syn packets and charging
extra for ANY incoming connection, but for now you can do it with some

In short, if your flavor of Comcast is like mine, you can't host a
server unless you pay extra or are willing to employ some dynamic port
mapping service.

However, they do provide web hosting for customers, so if your aim is
to host a web site and you don't care which computer it uses, that
would work.

If you're more interested in operating your own server, I suggest you
sign on as a junior system administrator at any organization that will
have you: you'll have better hours than if you do it at home.

William, who was once woken at 3 AM by a System Admin in California who
wanted to help me fix my mailing loop problem *RIGHT NOW*.

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