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Re: G3 for Dialup Users

Nathan Strom (
28 Jun 2005 06:22:06 -0700

Patrick Townson <> wrote in message

> There have been some commercials on television lately I do not
> understand at all. The announcer says, 'first there was dial up,
> then there was accelerated dial up, now there is G3, which is
> about the fastest you can go _without_ being on DSL or cable.'

> Exactly what is G3 for dialup users? If I decided my cable internet
> was too expensive, and decided to resort to 'G3 for dialup' what
> would I get different than what I have now?

I've never heard of it, but a Google search shows it's Netzero's new
offering. Basically, it's just a standard 56K dialup or whatever, with
some special software running on the client end. Think lots of extra
caching on the local end, link prefetching, maybe some transparant
HTTP proxy servers on the ISP end, and possible image compression. All
in all, the same as "accelerated dialup" to me -- in short, a joke. If
you're downloading files or doing anything else on the internet than
browsing web pages, you won't notice a difference from standard


> 06-18-2005, 07:55 AM · #2
> Terrister
> Moderator, Hardware Forum

> This page explains it.

> It is standard dialup with caching. The speeds are the same as
> normal dial up. The speed increase comes from storing
> information(caching) on your hard drive so you do not have to
> download it again.

Hope this helps, Pat. Don't believe the hype :)

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