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Re: Where to Buy a Cellular Phone Jammer?

Scott Dorsey (
27 Jun 2005 15:05:26 -0400

Fred Atkinson <> wrote:

> Don't miunderstand me here. I basically agree with your position.
> But didn't the more recent communications act render the
> Communications Act of 1934 obsolete? I don't think that cell phone
> technology was considered when it was written, either.

Sadly, the ECPA has replaced much of the Communications Act. This is
bad, since the ECPA is a badly-written piece of junk.

> I do think that perhaps use of such jamming devices (if properly
> designed) might be useful in prisons where there is a problem with
> contraband cell phones running being used for drug deals and other
> problematic things. Of course, we'd have to address the issues and
> how to correctly make it legal for use (so that situations like you've
> described can be avoided).

If jamming were the only way to prevent prisoners from using
cellphones, I might consider this possibly a good idea. But there are
plenty of other ways to eliminate cell use in prisons, varying from
Faraday shields around new construction, confiscating phones from
prisoners, and building prisons in distant areas with no cell
coverage. That being the case, the unpleasant side effects of cell
jamming are not worth the benefit.

Kathleen Carmody <> wrote:

> (No lectures or legal opinions needed nor desired, please).

> Anyone know where to purchase a cellular phone jammer, preferable
> stateside. There are vendors off shore, but none here in CONUS
> that I know of. Please post here any vendors that sell cellular
> jammers. (Extra points for relating your experience with using one.)

Since they are illegal, I don't think you will find any folks in the
US selling them, especially given how easy it is to hide behind a
foreign web site.

If I did know of any, I'd be reporting them in a very different forum.
I have already have nightmares with these things throwing trash out in
aviation bands.


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