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Re: WECO 302 Wiring Question
27 Jun 2005 07:09:22 -0700

> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: I _thought_ most WE 302 phones had
> all (or most of their guts) in the 'side ringer' box which was mounted
> on the wall. PAT]

As others mentioned, the WE 302, which came out in 1938, has
all the parts in one unit. This was an advance since a separate
ringer box was no longer required, simplifying maintenance.

Also, the 302 has much better transmission than the 202 (the first
Bell "French" style phone). Many 202 sets had their old handset ("E")
replaced with a 302 handset ("F") and remained in service for many
more years.

No changes should be required to a 302 set to put it into regular
service (other than cleaning it up and checking the internal wiring
for shorts and rot). Obviously rotary service is needed and a regular
line. Some office lines intended for advanced phones may not support
a basic phone.

There have been some books published on wiring/repair of old phones.
If interested, I'll post the titles. TCI and ATCA are always helpful.

I have a 302 in service at my cube at work. I still need a 2500 set
to get my voice mail msgs and connect to other stuff. But the 302 has
a unique ringer so when it rings I can tell my phone from all the
others and know to run for it.

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