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Re: Where to Buy a Cellular Phone Jammer?

Fred Atkinson (
Sun, 26 Jun 2005 22:10:38 -0400

> And here you fall into that common fallacy. 'We can't have these
> people doing this bad behavior that we outlawed. So lets ban one of
> their instrumentalities to stop their bad behavior.' Remember how
> effective those laws against flagrant beeper use in the 80s were at
> stopping the drug dealers? You would be far better served by going
> after the root causes of the bad behavior, then by blocking this or
> that object from functioning, or making the object more difficult to
> obtain legally for the ordinary citizen.

> --Dale

And *you* think that you are going to stop the black market trade and
the self abusive behaviors that goes on inside of prisons by 'dealing
with it'? I'm afraid you're in never never land. It's not going to

That's like saying that we should let people who have committed
heinous crimes go because they were mistreated as a child or they
could be treated with therapy rather than face the consequences of
their actions.

It's a bunch of bull, we all know that. We can't solve all of their
problems. Sure, some of them can be helped and I'm not saying that
the ones that can and want to be helped shouldn't be. But they are in
the minority. Most of them don't want to be helped.

Using technology like this for better security in our prisons isn't a
bad idea.


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