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Re: Power Strips for Home Networks

Fred Atkinson (
Sat, 25 Jun 2005 18:55:27 -0400


> This is the best solution I've seen so far, you can not only use the
> extension for a brick, but you can also stack tall bricks over+above
> smaller bricks too.

This is the same as a previous suggestion .
And it looks like a pretty fair one.

I would warn you off about Tiger Direct, though. My experience with
them was never very good. When I would call them, their customer
service people were very rude. They'd tell me that they never
received an order I'd called in. When I'd ask to speak to a
supervisor, they'd tell me (in a very obnoxious tone of voice) that I
didn't need to speak to a supervisor because the order was never
placed. Turns out, they had created four different accounts on me and
he was looking in the wrong account. I didn't place the order, huh?
When I finally did get to speak to a supervisor (about two or three
calls later), he discovered the multiple accounts and found my order.

When I would call back for information about some of the equipment I
had ordered (I'd lost the invoice and told them I didn't have the
order number). The guy just kept asking me for the order number
anyway. After about the fifth time I told him that the invoice was
lost, I pointed out that he was sounding like a broken record. He
said, "Goodbye" and hung up on me. (And you don't have an order
number? And you don't have an order number? And you don't have an
order number? And you don't have an order number? And you don't have
an order number? And you don't have an order number? ). Sheesh.

I spoke to a supervisor about these kind of unprofessional behaviors.
He was quite shocked and assured me that he'd look into it. But, it
never changed. I wrote the company twice about their customer
service's behavior problems. They never even answered the letters. I
resolved not to do business with them again.

But, I might get some from Cyberguys. It'll be a trial basis for
them. If they work out all right, I might start using them for a


Fred Atkinson

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