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Re: Cardholders Kept in Dark After Breach -- Washington Post
25 Jun 2005 10:59:13 -0700

Steve Sobol wrote:

> The clearinghouse has the account numbers. The first six digits of a
> MC/Visa number indicate the issuing bank, and Discover and Amex cards
> are only issued by one company. (Diners Club too, IIRC.) The
> clearinghouse SHOULD be informing the bank, and the bank SHOULD be
> informing their customers.

At least one bank is informing their customers.

"Your Visa account number was in that group of accounts. We have
already established a new account number to replace your old account.
Please watch for your new cards in the mail in approximately 10
business days. We will not block your existing account until we
believe you have had time to receive the new cards. While we believe
that your account is secure we are taking this step to insure that
your account will not be used for fraudulent activity in the future."

The letter goes on to remind me that I am not liable for fraudulent
transactions and that I should review my statements and make any
disputes in writing.

They got my street name wrong on this letter; my bill (which arrived
in the same batch of mail) has it correctly. This suggests that
someone is putting in a lot of keyboard time.

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