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DevilsPGD (
Wed, 22 Jun 2005 21:35:36 -0600

In message <> Choreboy
<> wrote:

> DevilsPGD wrote:

>> I'm going to be just outside of Chicago (Skokie, if you must know) for
>> an unknown period of time and looking to find out what the cheapest
>> way to get internet access would be.

>> I have no need for anything other then basic connectivity, and the
>> ability to establish HTTPS connections to a known IP and PPTP
>> connections to another known IP (not even DNS is required) and I
>> certainly will not need ISP provided email, webspace, or anything of
>> the sort. I also absolutely refuse to install any crapware provided
>> by an ISP.

>> I'm eyeballing dialup access through ISP.COM which offers $8.95 - 56K
>> Regular Dial-up -- any thoughts, good or bad? Can I do better?

>> Any thoughts?

> Don't you want news-server access? That's the most common
> deal-breaker for me.

Nope. No web hosting, no email, no usenet, no technical support,
hell, they don't even need a tollfree customer service number.

DNS is about the only thing I'd use (other then IP transit) but it's
not mandatory, I run my own DNS servers anyway (and most of the stuff
I'll be accessing will be through my VPN and in-house proxies anyway)

Once the VPN is up I can access literally everything I need right
through there. Just PPTP at the moment, although if I have the time
to get IPSec working, I might switch over.

> Budget ISPs often contract with dialup providers. The quality of
> service can depend on this, and the ISP's representative may not be in
> a position to know what's wrong.

True enough.

> At $9.95 I've been with localnet a couple of years, I guess. At times
> I've looked for alternatives, but in the long run things have worked
> out.

I'll check 'em out, thanks! Any idea what they're like for short-term

In message <> Fred Atkinson
<> wrote:

>> Don't you want news-server access? That's the most common
>> deal-breaker for me.

> It shouldn't be a concern.

> If the price is cheap enough for an ISP you've chosen and they don't
> provide a news server, also get a news account at Newsguy
> . They have a special plan that they offer
> one year of news server access for forty dollars. I used them once
> when a ten dollar a month ISP I was then using dropped their news
> server without telling anyone. -- You can't beat free. Oh, and as soon
as Mike updates the page, my name will be appearing on too :)

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