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Re: Monitor/Recorder for Residential Power Line Outages?
21 Jun 2005 14:17:32 -0700

AES wrote:

> Any have pointers to a gadget that will monitor and log power outages
> or glitches on 110V or 220V residential electrical service?

Many years ago the electric company put a test unit on our line in
response to our complaints. The unit drew a big graph of the power
supply. The test confirmed our complaint was valid and the improved
the service.

As others mentioned, you could find such a device commercially.

A secondary question is what will you do with the information?

Since power deregulation (another stupid idea), power companies are
not as responsive to service quality. Many have cut back. Having a
log of repeated power outages may be meaningless. I strongly doubt
temporary transient outages -- enough to cause clocks to go blink --
will be of any concern.

As others mentioned, if you are running critical electronic equipment
of any kind, you must have UPS as well as good surge protection.
[Hmm, I sound like a high school gym teacher telling the guys to
always wear their ...] but the principle is true -- be protected.

I think every household should have one of those flashlights that plug
into an outlet and go on in a power failure. Candles cause fires.

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