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Re: Bell Divestiture

John Levine (
21 Jun 2005 20:49:09 -0000

> You apparently know more about DTSS than _Dartmouth_ does. I checked
> the Dartmouth history before posting that. Yes, Dartmouth invented
> time-sharing, I acknowledged that.

Actually, an early version of CTSS was running at MIT in November
1961. By 1963 they had dialup terminal users connecting via 103A
modems through the MIT PBX. SDC's Q-32 time-sharing system was also
running in 1963.

DTSS was a technical marvel, but they were quite aware of CTSS which
was only a few hours away by car or train. I'd say that the two big
advances in DTSS were Basic, which was designed to make computing
accessible to non-technical students, and the clever internal design
of DTSS as mostly a transaction monitor so they could run 100 users on
a GE 635 that was no faster than a PDP-10 that could only handle 20.



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