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Re: Is it Possible to Buy a Cell Phone With no Plan?

Joseph (
Sun, 19 Jun 2005 16:53:32 -0700

On 19 Jun 2005 14:22:37 -0700, FrankBooth <> wrote:

> I'm trying to buy a cell phone WITHOUT A PLAN. I am sending it to a
> relative in another country where they will activate it.

> So far I have not found a local shopping establishment that sells
> them.

> Can anyone recommend somewhere online where a cell WITHOUT A PLAN can
> be purchased? Is it even possible?

> Thanks in advance!

For post paid service the only one that I know of in the US is
Cingular. You will not be eligible for any promotional rates. You
will also of course pay the standard activation fee (around $35 IIRC.)

You will also likely need to pass a US credit check or if that's not
possible they may ask for a substantial deposit on the account.

If that's not possible you may be relegated to using prepaid service.

There's also a newer service called Consumer Cellular which will give you monthly service on
the old AT&T TDMA network. You can get a free phone to join. My only
comment on them is their rates don't appear to be anywhere as good as
most of the majors such as cingular, T-Mobile, Sprint PCS, etc., but
if you just want service without a contract that's an option. I don't
know what their requirements are regarding whether you need to have a
credit check with them.

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Radio Shack used to do that for sure in California but it cost like an
extra $200.00.

Look on Cargsllist for local people selling a used one real cheap

Also Ebay.

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