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Re: Cellphone Tax Started in Alexandria, VA

Steven Lichter (
Sun, 19 Jun 2005 13:12:36 GMT

The city Of Riverside, Calif. tried to do this about 15 yeara ago, it
caused a firestorm, at the time most that had cell phones did not even
use them in the city, but just had a billing address, they dropped it
and as of yet have not tried that again.

Joseph wrote:

> On Thu, 16 Jun 2005 23:22:21 -0500, Lisa Minter
> <> quoted a news report:

>> By Robert MacMillan
>> Special to The Washington Post

>> Using a cell phone is Alexandria is about to become more expensive --
>> $3 a month more expensive.

> If you copied this you sure didn't proofread it. If the original
> article was like this they didn't bother to proof it either!

> On Thu, 16 Jun 2005 23:22:21 -0500, Lisa Minter
> <> continued quoting the news report:

>> The City Council approved a new tax on cell phones as part of the
>> fiscal 2006 budget. It will help make up some of the money that the
>> city will lose after the real estate tax rate was lowered in order to
>> provide relief to homeowners.

> Can we say telephone gravy train? This is about typical though isn't
> it?

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