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Re: Worst Phishing Fraud Attack Ever! 40 Million Cards Affected

mc (
Sun, 19 Jun 2005 01:52:09 -0400

> We probably need new common-names for all this deviant behavior;
> 'phisher', 'cracker' and 'hacker' are just not enough any longer. PAT]

I agree.

If the detectives are doing their jobs, the accounts released to the
public of how it was done are probably deliberately just a bit
inaccurate. They don't want to reveal what trail they're following.

One credit card company reacted to this yesterday afternoon by
cancelling my credit card (with no prior notice) while my wife was in
the middle of a shopping trip. No fraudulent charges had been
attempted; they just felt it had been "compromised."

This could be jolly inconvenient for travelers! Are credit cards
liable to be yanked at any time because of security breaches? Is that
how the industry is going to start reacting?

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Not: They are, and yes it is. Customer incon-
venience is not a big issue with them when they are threatened with the
possible loss of a few dollars in fraud. PAT]

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