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Re: ISP Hunting

Fred Atkinson (
Sun, 19 Jun 2005 04:37:24 PDT

> I'm going to be just outside of Chicago (Skokie, if you must know) for
> an unknown period of time and looking to find out what the cheapest
> way to get internet access would be.

> I have no need for anything other then basic connectivity, and the
> ability to establish HTTPS connections to a known IP and PPTP
> connections to another known IP (not even DNS is required) and I
> certainly will not need ISP provided email, webspace, or anything of
> the sort. I also absolutely refuse to install any crapware provided
> by an ISP.

> I'm eyeballing dialup access through ISP.COM which offers $8.95 - 56K
> Regular Dial-up -- any thoughts, good or bad? Can I do better?

> Any thoughts? is a composite list of worldwide Internet
Service Providers. It's broken down by area code, country, and U.S.
State. and would have information
about the Skokie area.

Good luck.


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