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New Wi-Fi Workbook from Wireless LAN Pioneer

ChinDi Mah (
Sun, 19 Jun 2005 08:41:21 PDT

The following book has just been released. The author has written some
best selling wireless books in the past (see accompanying
biography). Please distribute to interested colleagues. Thank you for
your attention.

All in a Wi-Fi Network: A Comprehensive Workbook on Wireless LAN
Technologies by Benny Bing

Available from:

Wi-Fi applications have blossomed tremendously over the last few
years.What started out as cable replacement for static desktops in
indoor networks has been extended to fully mobile broadband
applications involving wide-area outdoor community networks, moving
vehicles, high-speed trains, and even airplanes. Wi-Fi data rates have
also continued to increase from 2 to 54 Mbit/s with current 802.11n
proposals topping 500 Mbit/s. This development may eventually render
wired Ethernet redundant in the local network. All in a Wi-Fi Network
is a workbook designed to fill the need for a comprehensive yet
compact and easy-to-use reference, specifically for anyone who wish to
study the underlying principles of past, present, and emerging Wi-Fi
technologies. It contains the latest information with unique features
for quick and effective self-study. The workbook's refreshing teaching
style sets itself apart from other books. Quantitative concepts are
explained visually while the bullet text brings out the key ideas in a
manner that is self-contained, concise, and to the point. The graphics
are engineered towards maximum clarity and are used generously. Whether
you are an entrepreneur, a CTO, a business executive or a scientist,
you will discover that the thought-provoking exercises at the end of
the book not only help you master the subject but also serve as a rich
source of interesting ideas.

The contents of the workbook have been carefully class-tested at many
of the author's teaching assignments on the subject, including
professional courses for industry, government agencies, and academic
institutions, as well as tutorials for researchers at prestigious IEEE
conferences. A companion website is available exclusively for users of
this book, providing updates to this fast developing field, related
websites, and additional learning resources and supplements.

The workbook provides valuable insights on a broad range of topics:

* Introduction to WLANs: Evolution, current standards, evolving
* technologies Fundamentals of WLAN Design and Deployment: WLAN
* classifications, physical layer transmission, MAC protocols, network
* topologies, security, switches, deployment considerations (e.g.,
* office, home, public hotspots/hotzones) 802.11 Standard and
* Amendments: Physical and MAC layers (802.11b/a/g), advanced security
* (802.11i), QoS support (802.11e) Performance Evaluation of WLANs:
* Throughput, delay, prioritization Emerging Technologies and New
* 802.11 Initiatives: High-speed MIMO systems, wireless VoIP,
* intelligent wireless systems, wireless broadband access (long-range,
* multihop/mesh technologies), wireless peer to peer applications

All in a Wi-Fi Network is written by an author whose books on wireless
networks are highly regarded by many technology visionaries. They
contain forewords from both chairmen of the IEEE 802.11 Working Group
since its inception, the inventor of Internet technology, and the
inventor of the first wireless protocol. In early 2000, his
groundbreaking book on wireless LANs was adopted by Cisco Systems to
launch the Cisco-Aironet Wi-Fi product. A multimedia CD was specially
prepared by Cisco to accompany the book. The Aironet product has since
enjoyed phenomenal success, dominating the corporate arena and
capturing over 60% of the Wi-Fi market share.

The author was subsequently invited by Qualcomm Inc. to conduct a
customized course on wireless LANs for its engineering executives. In
2002, his edited book on wireless LANs was extensively reviewed by
illustrious research journals such as the IEEE Communications
Magazine, IEEE Network, and ACM Networker, the first time a book has
been reviewed by all three journals. The author has worked on wireless
LAN technologies well before it was known as Wi-Fi. He has also
contributed significantly to the field of wireless LANs, being the
first to emphasize the importance of improving range performance and
throughput (versus raw data rate). These concepts have since been
applied to Wi-Fi. The author carries over 12 years of teaching and
research experience.

His research publications have appeared in many leading journals,
including the IEEE Spectrum and the MIT Technology Review. To date, he
has over 100 research citations and over 40 research papers. In 2003,
he was selected as one of ten best wireless designers in the U.S. by
BICSI, a 22,000 industry member association based in Tampa,
Florida. He is currently a technical editor for the IEEE Wireless
Communications Magazine, a senior member of IEEE, a research faculty
member with the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) in
Atlanta, GA, USA, and an associate director with the Georgia Tech
Broadband Institute.

Date: 19 Jun 2005 14:22:37 -0700
From: FrankBooth <>
Newsgroups: comp.dcom.telecom
Subject: Is it Possible to Buy a Cell Phone With no Plan?
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I'm trying to buy a cell phone WITHOUT A PLAN. I am sending it to a
relative in another country where they will activate it.

So far I have not found a local shopping establishment that sells

Can anyone recommend somewhere online where a cell WITHOUT A PLAN can
be purchased? Is it even possible?

Thanks in advance!


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