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Joseph (
Sat, 18 Jun 2005 15:06:48 -0700

On 17 Jun 2005 05:23:42 -0700, PatETC <Telecom Digest editor wrote>:

> You _can_ use AOL or any other ISP on a high speed connection, such as
> you have probably read about. To your modem (or router and modem) the
> WiFi 'base station' is the computer, although you often times have to
> 'register' the MAC address of the wireless device with the ISP, as a
> 'new computer being used at your location'. At least, that is needed
> on cable internet or DSL.

As another alternative you can use data cables or bluetooth
connections with your mobile phone and access the net. Depending on
the service and the way you set up the connection you can have
connections with speeds of 9600 bps up to several hundred bps
depending on whether you use "dial up" GPRS with a GSM provider, EDGE
which is much faster with a GSM provider, UMTS with 3G service
providers, EVDO with CDMA providers all give faster speed.

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